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Finding the right fit for your business

Hiring someone to work in the business you’ve worked so hard to build takes a lot of faith. There are things you can do to ensure they’re a good fit. Leaders often make the fatal mistake of prioritising the skills and qualifications of a candidate while ignoring the clear signals of culture misfit. Leaders need to ensure they hire the correct people for roles to avoid this. Leadership teams need to adopt a planned and considered approach to predicting the likelihood of someone being culturally successful in the business. It’s essential to leverage each step in the recruitment process to assess what people are capable of and how likely they are to achieve in their new role. It’s important to assess capability and assess cultural of all potential staff. Unfortunately recruitment isn’t an exact science but there are ways to ensure your recruitment process is successful is by reading between the lines and listening for attitude, assessing priorities, philosophies and beliefs. HR can use assessment tools and observe interactions.

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