The People Managerís Toolkit

Frustrated by the challenges of dealing with poor performance and behaviour? Looking for ways to inspire discretionary effort and drive better results?  Looking for guidance unencumbered by complex theory and HR jargon?

The People Managerís Toolkit
$27.95 +GST

If simple answers to your team management challenges are what you want, the People Manager’s Toolkit is the solution for you.  This book is a practical, ‘how to’ guide to achieving outstanding commercial results through the talent and energy of every member of your team. 

Included in The People Manager’s Toolkit are strategies and practices focused on:

  • Building an inspiring vision and executing effective strategy
  • Managing the culture of your team and business
  • Finding and hiring the right people when you need them
  • Communicating so people are informed and engaged
  • Leveraging performance management to influence behavior and drive results
  • Growing the capabilities of your team
  • Rewarding and recognizing people for what they achieve and how they go about it
  • Driving change to realize your intended outcomes
  • Tapping into the value HR teams can offer

Avoiding complex theories or language The People Manager’s Toolkit is an easy to understand reference guide you can refer to time and time again, as the need arises. Applicable to the frontline supervisor through to the CEO of any size business the step-by-step instructions can be used to:

  • Understand the issues you are dealing with and identify the most effective solutions
  • Review the effectiveness of your current approach and identify ways to improve
  • Develop the capabilities of every people manager on your team

The People Manager’s Toolkit is an equally valuable tool for HR professionals.  Whether you are looking to review your own efforts or influence the performance of people managers in your business this book will provide a framework for excellence in people leadership.