Welcome to the Dojo.
The Corporate Dojo.

We empower people to be Black Belt Leaders of themselves and others at work.

Produce the best possible outcomes for your organisation and society at large

Dojo means ‘place of the way’ in Japanese. Dojos were originally halls of meditation and prayer and later became associated with schools for martial arts and spaces for immersive learning.

At Corporate Dojo, we have taken on the ambitious task of healing the world by inspiring and enabling people to be better leaders of themselves and others.

We strive to create a global movement that champions leaders who have the guts to acknowledge their shortcomings and the zeal to be the best version of themselves.

At the ‘Dojo’, we create space for business leaders and managers to stop, reflect and be mindful.

To help them achieve their peak potential by creating a non-conventional and safe environment for them to learn, to experiment and to master being better versions of themselves. And to inspire and give them the knowledge and tools to foster the spirit of their people.

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The online Dojo provides the environment, learning resources and support leaders need to grow and realise their potential.