The martial arts teaches you to be the best YOU and to help others along the path of learning and life mastery.
That’s a big part of what we want to teach leaders.

— Karen Gately, Founder, Corporate Dojo

Our Values and People

Corporate Dojo empowers business leaders worldwide to unlock their full potential. We believe that leaders who invest in becoming their best selves can create a ripple effect, fostering a thriving and motivated team. This, in turn, drives exceptional results for your organization and a positive impact on the broader community.

Corporate Dojo is the next incarnation of Ryan Gately, an established human performance consultancy founded in 2006.  We draw on the rich heritage of the dojo, a place of focused training and self-improvement in Japanese martial arts.

Just like in a traditional dojo, we offer a structured environment where individuals and teams can hone their skills, develop character strengths, and push their boundaries to achieve excellence. 

Our advisory, organizational, leadership, and team development services are designed to empower individuals to become Black Belt Leaders of themselves and others.

‘Corporate Dojo was retained to undertake a complete HR audit and make strategic recommendations to de-risk the company and enable its growth trajectory. They provided deep insights into the strategic imperatives but also a sense of the practical and what was achievable in order to maintain and enhance profit levels while attracting, growing and retaining key personnel.’

—Tony McDonald, Director, T&C Consulting

“We help people understand the powerful connection between their thoughts, feelings, and energy levels. By recognizing how these elements influence each other, we empower them to manage their energy more effectively. This, in turn, shapes their choices and behaviors. Ultimately, a positive and energized mindset allows them to fully utilize their talents and achieve success.”


— Karen Gately, Founder, Corporate Dojo