Our coaching programs are designed to accelerate the growth and effectiveness of leaders and HR professionals at all stages of their careers. We offer two program lengths – focused 6-month option or in-depth 12-month journeys – each tailored to address the unique challenges and aspirations of the leader we are working with.  We coach:

  • CEOs, Business Owners and School Principals
  • HR Directors and HR Managers
  • Executives
  • Managers and Practice Leaders

Common objectives our coaching clients are striving to achieve include:

  • Vision & Strategy: Develop a crystal-clear vision for your company, craft a winning strategy for achieving it, and refine your decision-making skills.
  • Scaling & Growth: Overcome growth hurdles, and cultivate a high-performing leadership team.
  • Performance Optimization: Drive operational excellence, optimize profitability, and navigate complex challenges to achieve sustainable success.
  • Employee Engagement & Retention: Foster a positive work environment, boost employee engagement, and implement effective strategies to minimize turnover.
  • Executive Presence & Influence: Develop an inspiring leadership style, hone your communication skills, earn respect and influence stakeholders.

Core elements of our coaching programs include assessment, development planning, coaching sessions and on call support.  Our typical approach includes:

  • Leverage Assessment Tools such as EQi 2.0,  TMS work style preferences, TMS 360 Linking Leader Profile to assess current capability and impact.
  • Agree key objectives and outcomes of the program through an initial development planning session. 
  • Create a targeted Development Plan including the specific development objectives such as capabilities, mindsets or behaviours that need to be strengthened.  
  • Agree an allocation of on call support time. This time can be leveraged at any time during the program, to access advice as needed.

‘I found Karen's Delivery engaging, informative, humorous and authentic. Feedback from staff has supported this as well. We were very happy with the content and the interaction between Karen and staff. We are in fact considering asking that she return and deliver more of the same for staff of Mission Australia in conjunction with our HR person. Karen has a refreshingly realistic, honest approach to the way in which she delivers the content of her sessions and this in turn takes her audience along on the journey with her.’

—Denise Brazendale, Operations Manager, Mission Australia 

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