Difficult Conversations for Leaders

Engaging in powerful conversations with underperforming team members that inspire and influence change.

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Our Difficult Conversations for Leaders program is designed to enable participants to:

  • Create a respectful, accountable, and collaborative team culture
  • Deal with unresolved conflicts or baggage and move their team forward
  • Have honest conversations with people about how their attitude or behaviours need to change
  • Support team members who are struggling to deliver, to lift their game and save their job
  • Let people go in ways that allow them to maintain hope and dignity – as well as respect for you and your organisation
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Program Description

This program will guide leaders to identify why they find some conversations difficult and recognise the influence their thoughts and emotions have on their ability to maintain healthy dialogue. Leaders will be taught ways to address the issues they need to and how best to engage in conversations with underperforming team members. In Difficult Conversations for Leaders you will learn how, through a firm and fair, loving and tough approach to crucial conversations you can influence your people to be at their best. 

Participants learn:

  • Confidence to have the conversations they need to with their team
  • The ability to leverage the power of tough love and be both honest and respectful
  • Strategies for helping people build greater self-awareness and step into their potential
  • The keys to successful performance improvement meetings
  • Insight to how they can approach 10 of the most common attitude or behavior conversations needed in the workplace
  • Greater understanding of why people ‘pushback’ and how best to respond