Be Awesome

Maintain balance, connect with your purpose and feel fulfilled

Be Awesome
Self Mastery Library
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Program Description

This program will step participants through the development of a roadmap to be happy, healthy and energised. Throughout the Be Awesome program we focus on essential choices across 4 key priority areas that influence the strength of our spirit: 

• Mind • Body • Relationships • Environment 

We explore 11 critical choices that underpin success and examine how each is impacting the participant’s reality. We guide participants to identify the choices they need to either change or keep making in order to thrive at work and in life. We recommend actions and guide decision-making during the program to ensure learning is immediately applied. 

Our Be Awesome program is designed to:

  • Inspire participants to take ownership for their own health, happiness and success 
  • Guide people toward becoming the best possible version of themselves 
  • Build self-awareness and support people to make successful choices 
  • Guide people to identify ways in which they can shift their approach to achieve more successful outcomes 
  • Equip participants with the capability to build resilience and work with confidence through periods of change and challenge 
  • Lift self-awareness and engagement

Participants learn to: 

  • Clearly articulate what ‘awesome’ or thriving means to them  
  • Recognise and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours  
  • Recognise their strengths and build upon their capabilities 
  • Identify specific goals they want to achieve and understand why  
  • Deliberately build and harness the energy they need to thrive; including when times get tough 
  • Manage the thoughts and emotions that energise or drain their spirit