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Episode 2 - Reengaging a checked out team

Welcome to Black Belt Leader.

On the show today, we'll be discussing the steps leaders can take to reengage a checked-out team. Reflect for a moment on the extent to which your own team are engaged and striving to achieve ambitious goals. Joining us on the show today are two guests with extensive experience helping leaders to recognise the signs of disengagement and do something about it.

First, we'll be joined by Catie Paterson – Principal Consultant of Catie Paterson HR Business Consulting, Catie is a true HR specialist and a passionate educator. Later in the show Richard Day – Leadership coach and facilitator at the Plato Project, will be here to share his insights and tips on how to provide guidance to leaders who are struggling to engage a team who are checked out.


Next time on Black Belt Leader we’ll be looking at how to get the hiring process right. We’ll be joined by two experienced recruiters who will be sharing insight to the most common recruitment mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them. If there are topics you would like us to explore, please get in touch via our website or via our social media channels.

Thanks for joining us, and remember you choose – will you be an ordinary or awesome leader of people?


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