Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to cater to leaders at every level of your organisation structure, from emerging leaders and team supervisors to managers and executive teams.

Available in both 6 and 12-month formats, our programs blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that participants can translate what they learn into actionable strategies.

Our programs provide the opportunity for participants to put theory into practice. Through a series of real-world challenges, interactive workshops, and reflective exercises, leaders are encouraged to apply new concepts directly to their role.

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Black Belt Leader – Kohai

Emerging Leaders

Black Belt Leader – Senpai

Supervisors and Team Leaders

Black Belt Leader – Sensei


Black Belt Leader – Shihan

Senior Leaders

Specialist programs

School Leaders, Practice Leaders

‘Karen is a great speaker on culture and teams. She's an excellent presenter, and I got a lot of good take-aways from her talk.’

—The CEO Institute

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