Powerful Women at Work

Feel empowered in your role and win at work.

Come and learn from a black belt Sensei in the karate and business world who has been working in male-dominated industries for over 20 years. Karen can teach you how to smash the glass ceiling by building up the courage you need to be confident, own who you want to be and break down barriers.

This workshop is for women who…

  • Are striving to get ahead and achieve ambitious career aspirations
  • Want to feel confident, mentally strong and emotionally courageous
  • Want to look, feel and be more powerful at work and in life
  • Are feeling disempowered and need strategies to take greater control
  • Want to be taken more seriously, be heard and play a bigger role
  • Are struggling to deal with prejudice, sexist or bullying behaviour at work

What you can expect to gain by attending…

  • Recognise how your mind and emotions help and hinder your success
  • Overcome fears and learn to step into your potential
  • Build awareness of the world you operate in and what that means for not only surviving, but thriving as a woman
  • Build strength and develop your ability to influence how people think and feel, and the decisions they make
  • Understand what it takes to thrive in a business world built by men
  • Understand the vital role men can and do play to enable the success of women
  • Learn why your gender is in fact an advantage and how to leverage being a woman in business

Upcoming Sessions of this Workshop

New dates to be released soon

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Powerful Women at Work

Powerful Women at Work

Feel empowered in your role and win at work.

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