Meet Our Business Development Manager

Rhondel Guevara

As the Business Development Manager at Corporate Dojo, Rhondel Guevara is known for his vibrant energy and innovative approach to fostering business relationships. With a keen eye for market trends and a heart for customer success, Rhondel's journey in tech, education, and assessments has been marked by a passion for driving growth and nurturing partnerships.

Educated in Manila and Glasgow, Rhondel's global perspective enriches our team with diverse insights and strategies. He believes in the power of understanding each client's story, creating solutions that resonate with their unique paths.

Outside the dojo, Rhondel's love for the arts shines. A choir enthusiast since his teens and a spirited thespian, he brings the same zest to our team as he does to stages in Manila and Glasgow. Rhondel's artistic flair and team spirit remind us daily that harmony and creativity are at the core of every successful venture.

In the world of business development, Rhondel is not just about expanding our reach; he's about connecting, understanding, and building lasting relationships.