Black Belt Leadership
- Be Sensei

Unlock the potential in your team by being the leader you need to be.

Come to our Black Belt Leadership Workshop and leave being your best. You will unlock the tools to enabling human potential and performance thanks to a greater understanding.

This workshop is for leaders who…

  • Want to develop further their ability to coach people to achieve and grow
  • Are busy, drained of energy and want to be more effective
  • Need to build stronger relationships with their team to lift engagement and performance
  • Are struggling to extract more than a compliant contribution from their team
  • Want to tap into the hearts and minds of the people they lead
  • Are looking to take the next steps in their leadership career

What you can expect to gain by attending…

  • Honest insight to your own leadership approach and what you need to do differently to have a greater impact on the success of your team and business.
  • Greater understanding of what matters most to influencing human potential and performance
  • Confidence to step into a coaching role and influence the thinking, emotions, actions and success of other people
  • Improved ability to delegate and get out of your own way
  • Insight to how you earn trust and respect, and ultimately influence your reputation for being a powerful leader of teams

Upcoming Sessions of this Workshop

Date City Full Price Early Bird Price Early Bird Until
10 Oct Melbourne $900.00 $700.00 12-Sep-19
31 Oct Sydney $900.00 $700.00 3-Oct-19

Get a $200 Early Bird Discount when you book 4 weeks in advance of the workshop date. All displayed prices are exclusive of GST.

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Black Belt Leadership<br>- Be Sensei

Black Belt Leadership
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Unlock the potential in your team by being the leader you need to be.

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