Difficult Conversations

Engaging in powerful conversations that allow you to move past difficult, sensitive and awkward issues.

Difficult Conversations
Powerful Conversations
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Program Description

This program will guide participants to identify why they find some conversations difficult and recognise the influence their thoughts and emotions have on their ability to maintain healthy dialogue. We explore common reasons people avoid difficult conversations and how these internal barriers can be overcome. We also explore how conversations often go wrong and what participants can do to avoid common traps that lead to destructive debate. Participants are asked to focus on a challenging conversation they need to have and apply the program content to that scenario. The activities included in each module allow participants to reflect and determine the approach necessary to ensure success of the conversation.

Our Difficult Conversations program is designed to enable participants to:

  • Communicate with confidence when the stakes are high
  • Feel more comfortable having conversations about sensitive issues
  • Maintain healthy dialogue and avoid getting into debate
  • Diffuse conflict before it begins
  • Be inspired to engage in powerful conversations
  • Reframe situations to enable more effective conversations
  • Have the frank and upfront discussions that are needed

Participants learn:

  • To recognise what makes a conversation difficult for them
  • The essential role trust plays in enabling dialogue and avoiding conflict
  • How their mindset choices impact on the effectiveness of the approach taken
  • How to be honest while also respectful and sensitive
  • Steps they can take to prepare for difficult conversations
  • How to engage well even when emotions are running high
  • The art of difficult conversations with difficult people