5 tips on getting a pay rise in 2019

A huge barrier to pay equality is the struggle we face as women when asking for a raise, it’s easier said than done! Sometimes it’s hard to get the recognition you deserve. In 2019, you can take these important steps to ensure you get a pay rise. 1. Own your job – don’t just turn up to work, go the extra mile and take opportunities when they arise. This means speaking up when you need help and helping to reach the key objectives of the team. 2. Understand what you’re worth – do research and work out how much you deserve in comparison to people in your role, if you have been in a job for 3 years and are a great performer, maybe it’s time to ask for a raise. Have honest conversations with others to find out what you are truly worth. 4. Put your hand up – talk to your manager and ask for a raise, there’s no harm in putting yourself out there. 4. Grow – ask your manager for tips on what you need to do to get that pay rise. 5. Expect fairness – if you believe you have earned a pay rise but don’t get one, maybe it’s time to move on to a new job.

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