Curious Cats

Get wise to what you can and can’t ask in a job interview to respect candidates and protect your brand in an increasingly digital world. Everyone prepares for job interviews differently, being prepared is integral to your ability to fairly assess each candidate. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t ask in an interview starts with understanding the outcomes you need to achieve. The questions an interviewer asks must not only accurately assess and select the right person for the job, but also build a positive relationship with every candidate and comply with the law. Interviewers need to assess candidates correctly in order to make good hiring decisions, you should gain meaningful insight into someone’s skills and experience by identifying relevant scenarios and building questions around them. Being respectful and nurturing healthy relationships with every individual you interview is not only the right thing to do, but also makes good business sense. In Australia, people have a legally protected right to be considered for a job on the basis of skill, aptitude and relevant qualifications, so ensure you are staying within the boundaries of the law during an interview.

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