Episode 26 - The benefits of contracting during times of uncertainty

Welcome to Black Belt Leader – proudly powered by Miller Leith – Recruitment Specialists and Career Services provider. I’m Karen Gately, Founder of Corporate Dojo. On the show today we’ll be talking about the benefits of contracting during these times of uncertainty, for both employers and professionals looking for a new opportunity. Let’s start by looking at some facts about contracting in Australia:

· According to 2019 ABS data, the industries which had the highest percentage of independent contractors were Construction (27%), Administration and support services (17%) and Professional, scientific and technical services (14%).

· The largest proportional increases for independent contractors from 2014 to 2019 were seen in Transport, postal and warehousing (10.7% to 13.2%), and Information media and telecommunications (5.7% to 9.3%). What the current environment will mean for these numbers is yet to be seen. It’s reasonable to anticipate an increase in demand for a flexible workforce (freelancers/ contractors/ independent workers) and the substantial reshaping of the labor market and economy as a consequence.

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