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Episode 28 - Gender Bias in the Workplace


Welcome to Black Belt Leader – proudly powered by Miller Leith – Recruitment Specialists and Career Services provider. I’m Karen Gately, Founder of Corporate Dojo. On the show today we’ll be talking about gender bias in the workplace.

Let’s start by looking at some facts about gender workplace statistics at a glance in Australia:

35.2% of boards and governing bodies have no female directors.

By contrast, only 0.9% had no male directors.

Women hold: 13.7% of chair positions

25.8% of directorships

17.1% of CEOs

30.5% key management personnel

Of all women aged 20-24, 89.9% have attained year 12 qualifications or above, compared to 84.4% of men in the same age bracket.

Of all women aged 25-29, 44.7% have achieved a bachelor degree or above, compared to 32.1% of similarly aged men.


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