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How to motivate millennial workers

Millennials are a frustrating generation according to the baby boomers or generation X. Millennials have a bad reputation and are often accused of being 'impatient', 'demanding' and even 'self-centred'. All generations are different, and have different challenges for employers. Unfortunately for the 'older' generations, by 2025, millennials will make up for 75% of the workforce, so it's time for 'older' leaders to move past their criticisms and focus on how to work together. Millennials hold expectations and behave in ways unique to them, these are the six common traits: 'Why' matters - millennials want to understand your thinking and need to be told why they should get on board with the job. Purpose - millennials are not as money-focused as other generations before them, they are looking to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Balance - they have been taught there is more to life than work, and want to achieve a better work/ life balance than their parents. Autonomy - millennials want freedom and to be empowered. Optimism - millennials possess the amazing quality of optimism, which can be great for an employer, they put their hands up for opportunities and believe in themselves optimistically. The last common trait of a millennial is their love of change, after living through so many technological advances - they look for change and respond well to it.

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