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Why we need to redefine the way we think about working mums

Women returning to work from maternity leave are often asked lots of ridiculous sexist questions, often from other women! Some examples are “Don’t you feel guilty” “Aren’t you afraid you’re missing out on seeing your kids growing up” mums need to have confidence in the choices they are making. Karen Gately admits she doesn’t feel guilty for being a working mum, guilt is a wasted emotion, and it only makes people feel bad about themselves. Working is a choice, and it doesn’t stop a mum from being involved in their child’s life. You can be a mum while at the same time being passionately invested in work. It is important to implement ground rules, for example not missing school events, to maintain the perfect balance. No leader should ask you to miss the important moments in your children’s lives, as they are your priority too. You should prove to your workplace that you are a hard worker and will be successful, then they cannot question you when you ask for flexibility. There are lots of things leaders and colleagues can do to support women have a smooth transition back into work, so don’t be afraid to ask how you can help.

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