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Episode 13 - The people reasons mergers and acquisitions fail

Welcome to Black Belt Leader. I'm Karen Gately, founder of Corporate Dojo. According to research the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions sits between 70 – 90%. On the show today, we'll be discussing the people related reasons organisations struggle to realise value from these typically costly transactions. Later in the show Laurent Mas, Partner at Saguity and Director of Successful Business Advisors will be here to share insight to what he has learned sitting on both sides of the desk through major deals. First, we're joined by Darrell Hardidge - CEO of Saguity, creators of CX-Assurance - a game changing Revenue Due Diligence process. Next time on Black Belt Leader we’ll be looking at the mind. Please join us then! If there are topics you would like us to explore, please get in touch via our website or via our social media channels. Thanks for joining us, and remember you choose – will you be an ordinary or awesome leader of people?


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