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Episode 3 - Recruitment

Welcome to Black Belt Leader.

So why did we call the show Black Belt Leader? We called the show Black Belt Leader because our intention is to draw on lessons from the martial arts, and share insights into how leaders can become the best possible version of themselves and in turn inspire others to follow. Our goal is to inspire and enable you to become an influential, impactful leader of people with the ability to get the best from every person you lead.

We learn in the martial arts that to be a Sensei and guide others on a journey of self-mastery, these character traits are essential. On Black Belt Leader we'll be exploring how to develop your character and the capabilities needed to get the best from people on your team. We're excited about the line-up of guests who will be joining us to share their wisdom on leveraging human potential and overcoming common people challenges in business. Each episode will be focused on providing you with practical advice to achieve people leadership objectives or solve common people challenges leaders face. If there are topics you would like us to explore, please get in touch - comment below or send us an email


On the show today, we'll be talking about recruitment and how to make the right hiring decisions. Among the most important messages we want you to take from today’s show is that recruitment is the backbone of your HR strategy. If you get the hiring decision wrong your job is unquestionably made harder.

Reflect for a moment on when you, or other leaders you know, have battled to overcome challenges created when people lack the character traits or capabilities you need. All too often for example, leaders make the mistake of hiring people who have the qualifications or experience needed, but lack the mindsets and behaviours that allow them to be successful in the role or team. The time, energy, momentum and money lost when the wrong decision are made, is immense. Joining us on the show today are two guests who have extensive experience helping businesses all over Australia recruit the right people for their team.

First, Rupert Saint - Director at Carrington King will be joining us, and later in the show Kylie Jasinski – Director at Prime Recruitment & Consulting will be here to share her insights to the biggest mistakes hiring managers make and how to avoid them. If there are topics you would like us to explore, please get in touch via our website or via our social media channels. Thanks for joining us, and remember you choose – will you be an ordinary or awesome leader of people?


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