Episode 33 - Managing energy

Welcome to Black Belt Leader. I’m Karen Gately, Founder of Corporate Dojo.

On the show today we will be exploring what leaders can do to effectively manage energy. How its generated and invested. Reflect for a moment on the impact your energy levels have on your capacity to think, feel and behave in ways that are enabling of your success. Our guests will be sharing strategies for ensuring your team are charged and ready to expend energy where it matters most.

First up, let’s talk about the signs of employee disengagement, and what to do about them. Engagement put simply is the extent to which people feel connected with and committed to their job, team and organisation. Being connected is most clearly reflected in the emotional ownership people feel; in other words how much they really care about achieving their own objectives as well as the success of the team. So, how do you spot disengagement? The 5 most common signs of disengaged staff include-

1. Absenteeism

2. Lack of discretionary effort

3. Absence of teamwork

4. Suboptimal productivity

5. Poor quality of work Now that we know the signs, let’s unpack driving engagement.

The 4 common influencers of a person’s spirit and therefore, engagement at work include:

1. Sense of personal value

2. Relationships

3. Purpose and meaning

4. Belief


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