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How to ask for a pay rise in Australia

Regardless of your job, requesting for pay increase when you believe you deserve one is an expected part of Australian workplace culture. In some cases, an increase in your salary may even be a legal requirement. Here's the advice from experts that you should consider before initiating a pay conversation with your boss.


- In Australia, you can ask for a pay rise at any point of time when you believe you deserve one.

- You can prepare for a pay rise request with help from your union, colleagues, or on your own.

- Proper preparation, including seeking advice, gaining knowledge, and planning arguments, is crucial before requesting a raise.


If you feel intimidated by the thought of asking your boss for a pay rise, rest assured that you are not alone. According to human resources expert Karen Gately, many employees find this situation uncomfortable. However, it doesn't have to be that way. “That discomfort is more about them, as opposed to what is culturally appropriate or common practice in Australia. It’s OK to ask for a pay rise. The key is knowing how to go about that, so that it has the optimal impact in getting the outcome you want,” Ms Gately explains.


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