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Corporate Dojo's distinctive philosophies and approach to enhancing people leadership regularly attracts the attention of key media outlets seeking an expert opinion. Here are just some of them:

Inspiring people to make successful choices

Are you inspiring people to make choices to enable them to think, feel and behave in ways that allow them to be at their best? Most leaders understand that they need to inspire people to get the best from them, but not all leaders feel confident enough to do the inspiring. There are lots of preconceived ideas about what a good leader looks like, some think they have to be charismatic and loud. But the only prerequisite of being a good leader is having earned the respect of your staff by the depth of character and choices they make. It's important to have an inspired workplace as it affects the success of the individual and the team as a whole. The steps you can take to inspire people are: build trust, understand each person you lead, recognise fear and passion, be the bearer of good news and hope, have honest conversations that build awareness and confidence, guide people to see the influence their choices are having on their health, happiness and success, and guide people to find and do what they are passionate about at work. 

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