Interview questions you need to ask to set you apart and win the job

When a prospective employer asks in an interview "do you have any questions for me" - typically they are continuing their assessment of you. Many people sit back and say "no" but the interviewers are often judging your sustainability of the role and business through the questions you may ask. Not asking any questions may make you appear unmotivated or unprepared, asking questions is an opportunity not to be missed! The most powerful questions you can ask include: what are the most important indicators of success in the role? What is the typical career path for a person in this role? Who will the incumbent of this role need to have particularly strong relationships with and why? What are the most common obstacles to success for someone in this role? What are the organisations biggest priorities and how will this tole make a difference to achieving those outcomes? What types of people typically thrive in this organisation? At the end of the day, most employers are looking to hire people who are engaged and want to do well, so reflect on the questions above and any others you may want answers to, before heading into an interview. 

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