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Episode 16 - How to keep your mind and body sharp and active

Welcome to Black Belt Leader. I'm Karen Gately, founder of Corporate Dojo. On the show today, we'll be tapping into the advice of three guests who can help guide us through these extraordinary times. We’ll explore what to do when we feel overwhelmed, strategies we can deploy to optimise our effectiveness while working remotely as well as how our personality type is likely to influence how we experience and respond to this period of isolation. Later in the show Julie Hyde and Conor Wynn will be joining us. First up is Tamera Jones, the Director of Potential Change. Tamera is an experienced coach and facilitator with a passion for enabling her clients to get to a place where they are truly loving what they do’ even through the discomfort of growth. After the break Julie Hyde from Julie Hyde Consulting will be joining us.

Welcome back. Joining us next is Julie Hyde, the Director and Founder of Julie Hyde Consulting and author of Busy? Take control, get relevant and become an influential leader. Julie is well known for her great advice on how to optimise leadership effectiveness and impact in the craziest of times. Julie, welcome to the Black Belt Leader. Welcome back.

Now, we're by joined by Conor Wynn. Conor is a Partner at Sein, and for 25 years has worked with top teams on strategy delivery, project governance and leadership team decision making. Conor is a Ph.D. candidate at BehaviourWorks, Monash University, Researching how power influences behavior in projects (due 2020.) He’s joining us today to share his views on the how our personality type influences our responses to the suddenly changed and uncertain times we find ourselves in. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Black Belt Leader. If there are topics you would like us to explore, please get in touch via our website or via our social media channels. And remember you choose – will you be an ordinary or awesome leader of people?

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