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Episode 31 - Bullying vs. Banter

Welcome to Black Belt Leader – proudly powered by Miller Leith – Recruitment Specialists and Career Services provider. I’m Karen Gately, Founder of Corporate Dojo.

On the show today we will be exploring where the line is between innocent banter and workplace bullying. We’ll be asking our guests to share their views on how we can maintain many of the positive influences having a laugh and a bit of fun has on our work environments, while at the same time ensuring no one feels bullied.

It’s common for people accused of bullying to claim innocence on the basis of an absence of intention or ill will. The reality is however, in the eyes of Australian workplace law, it’s the impact of our behaviors that determines whether or not we are in fact over the line – not our intentions or even conscious awareness of the consequences of our actions. Watch Black Belt Leader live on Ticker every Tuesday morning at 11am! #TickerTVAU



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