How we influence far and wide

Corporate Dojo's distinctive philosophies and approach to enhancing people leadership regularly attracts the attention of key media outlets seeking an expert opinion. Here are just some of them:

On the show today we’ll be talking about how to optimise the impact of your communications.

On the show today we’ll be talking about innovation.

On the show today we'll be discussing having the courage to do what’s needed.

On the show today, we’ll explore what to do when we feel overwhelmed, strategies we can deploy to optimise our effectiveness while working remotely as well as how our personality type is likely to influence how we experience and respond to this period of isolation.

With everything that is happening, how do we maintain focus?

On the show today we'll be discussing the power of the unconscious mind.

On the show today, we'll be discussing the people related reasons organisations struggle to realise value from these typically costly transactions.

On the show today we'll be discussing culture driven governance.

On the show today we'll be discussing how to accurately assess the character and culture of candidates.

Missed out on having a holiday? What to do when you don't have the energy!

Are you on track with your goals for 2020?

Karen Gately and Ahron Young discuss teams working collaboratively and how to ensure success.

On the show today we'll be discussing the real value of corporate health programs. We’ll be looking at why it makes sense for employers to invest in the well being and vitality of their people.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, what do we need to be aware of if we have a love interest in the workplace?

On the show today, we’ll be exploring how you can create a strong sales culture across your organisation.

How do I stay engaged when holidays are just around the corner?

HR expert Karen Gately gives her eight hard and fast rules to get through a work Christmas party with your professional reputation intact.

Are your colleagues grating you? Here's how to cope!

Recording of Karen Gately's weekly radio segment with Power FM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.30am.

Karen Gately from Corporate Dojo gives some advice about corporate governance and culture change for large organisations.

Brand is more than makeup - it's the underlying subconscious notion of your organisation. Karen Gately argues that leaders should be doing more to integrate brand into their workplace culture.

Stamping out workplace bullying has to be a leader-led initiative, but executives are largely escaping HR's attention. 

For those who missed out on our Sensei Karen Gately's interview with Ticker TV - have a watch now! Motivating Millennials at work. We can't wait for more regular segments. Let us know your thoughts below. #Millennials