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The pros and cons of employer-sponsored egg freezing

When Sheryl Sandberg announced the introduction of sponsored egg freezing at Facebook in 2014, some criticised the move as a ploy to drive women to delay motherhood until it suited the business.

But a recent study by Monash University in Australia signals a change in attitudes, with almost half of 656 Victorian women surveyed believing it appropriate to offer egg freezing as an employee benefit. 

Facebook and Apple paved the way and today around one in five large US companies offer female employees financial support to access egg freezing, with experts predicting Australia could soon follow suit.

Karen Gately, an HR specialist and founder of Corporate Dojo, told Inside Retail that employer-sponsored egg freezing could be included under a broader category of supporting the health and well being of people. “It doesn’t have to be a standalone program … if we just have a health and wellbeing benefit that people can draw on if they have special needs it gets away from that idea that it’s just for one particular gender,” Gately told Inside Retail, saying this could extend to IVF programs.

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