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Gender pronouns: How to navigate using them in the workplace

The inclusive pronoun movement has reached the workplace with employees encouraged to learn the new lingo to show support.

“She/her”, “he/him” and “they/them” labels are increasingly popping up in email signatures and now LinkedIn here has joined Instagram in encouraging members to add pronouns to their profiles.

The dedicated pronoun feature allows professionals to express the way they want to be identified and to communicate that they respect the way other people self-identify, LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand’s Shiva Kumar says.

Inclusive pronouns are still new to many, so how can workers navigate this in the workplace?

In this article Karen Gately unpacks how and when to share your pronoun, and what to do if you don't want to. She also discusses how to ask someone their pronoun, what to do if you slip up, and what the other ways to be supportive are.

What to say: Common gender-neutral pronouns include: they/ them/ their, ze/ hir/ hir or just use a persons name.

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