How to get the hiring process right

Employing the wrong person can make a leader's job harder and affect a team's productivity. Here are seven tips to ensure you make the right choice.

Reflect for a moment on when you have made hiring mistakes. What were the consequences of bringing the wrong person or people into your team? If you get hiring decisions wrong, your job is made significantly harder as you fix challenges created by poor behaviours or bridge gaps due to inadequate capability.

Hiring the right person starts with a commitment to selecting candidates who are clearly aligned with your organisation's values. If a candidate's thinking and approach have a detrimental effect on the spirit, engagement or performance of the rest of your team, hiring them comes at a big cost. Be disciplined and patient as you search for the right person who brings the character traits that will enable them and your team to thrive.

Here are seven tips to help you get the hiring process right:

1. Ask the right questions

2. Use collective wisdom

3. Assess a candidate's career aspirations

4. Look beyond your interview

5. Reverse the reference check process

6. Be diligent about probation

7. Fail fast



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