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While it’s common for organisations to aspire to be the best in their industry, many struggle to deliver on the standard of customer experience needed to turn that vision into reality. 

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, and depression the second. The business world hasn’t seemed to fully grasp that people with mental health challenges need support at work. 

Brands are much more than a name or symbol of a product says Karen Gately. In our highly competitive business world, organisations need redefine their brand to more than a product - they need to have strong organisational culture.

Experts explain in what circumstances HR needs to manage workplace apologies and how to do so effectively. Apologies don't alwys need to be managed by HR. A lot of issues can be handled privately.

Recording of Karen Gately's weekly radio segment on PowerFM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.30am.

Australia’s gender pay gap is currently at 14.1%. Women have found that their pay and conditions are different to men doing the same job as them. 

Millennials are a frustrating generation according to the baby boomers or generation X. Millennials have a bad reputation and are often accused of being 'impatient', 'demanding' and even 'self-centred'.

Recording of Karen Gately's weekly radio segment on PowerFM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.45am.

It's common to hear leaders complain about the inherent challenges in keeping millennial workers both engaged, and committed to their business. 

The General Manager of Muffin Break argues the reason for the decline in people looking for unpaid opportunities is "over confidence and an inflated sense of importance among the millennial generation".

Women returning to work from maternity leave are often asked lots of ridiculous sexist questions.

Some of the most important steps you can take to keep learning throughout your career and life include these: know what you want and why, ask for help, reflect on experiene, listen to understand and learn with others.