Workplace factors for bullying and harassment with Karen Gately

Bullying in the workplace is never OK, but it is a reality for many. The experience can have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing and may be related to long-term negative impacts. In this special double episode of the podcast we discuss workplace bullying and harassment and what kind of support is available for those who experience it.

In the first episode, our host Mark Aiken speaks to Karen Gately, HR Consultant and Director of Corporate DOJO. They provide information, insights, resources, tips, strategies and explore the choices you may consider enabling you to return to your best self if your experience of workplace bullying has knocked you for a six. Karen explains the workplace factors that put people at risk of bullying and harassment and the importance of leadership that fosters a culture of trust and respect where workplace bullying is not tolerated to ensure that staff are supported to thrive. We also discuss the ‘unconscious bully’ and factors that may cause a person to engage in bullying and harassment. Karen offers her thoughts on solutions to help prevent or solve the issue of bullying in the workplace.

At Nurse & Midwife Support, we understand that those experience workplace bullying and harassment need support. The more well researched and informative resources that are available the better! In fact it’s such a broad topic that we couldn’t cover it in just one podcast episode, so we brought you two. This is part one of our two part series on workplace bullying and harassment. Content warning: this podcast contains information regarding bullying which may be unsettling for some people. Call us on 1800 667 877 if you would like to talk.



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