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Corporate Dojo's distinctive philosophies and approach to enhancing people leadership regularly attracts the attention of key media outlets seeking an expert opinion. Here are just some of them:

Karen Gately from Corporate Dojo tells us how to resign gracefully, not burn your bridges, and maybe leave the door open for a return.

We choose how we invest our time, energy and rescources. 

A recording of Karen's weekly radio segment on Power FM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.45am.

Millennials are a frustrating generation according to baby boomers or generation X. Millennials have a bad reputation and are always accused of being impatient, demanding and self-centred.

Some vets reveal euthanising pets can be one of the most emotionally draining aspects of the job, it takes a mental toll on everyone involved.

Get wise to what you can and can’t ask in a job interview to respect candidates and protect your brand in an increasingly digital world.

Recording of Karen's weekly radio segment on Power FM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.45am.

A profile on Karen Gately written by AFR. It goes through her history in the karate world and the lessons it taught her. Karen says karate allows people to develop their character.

Mentally healthy employees are engaged and productive. By taking the following steps, leaders can improve both employee well-being and business outcomes.

Recording of Karen's weekly radio segment with Power FM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.45am

How can more ‘traditional’ leaders see the value in flexible working? Karen Gately says leaders should put trust and respect into their employees allows them to have a better work/ life balance.

In this video, Karen explains the importance of Diversity in organisations.

The importance of diversity in the workplace today is paramount. Leadership experts say that no matter the scale or capital of an organisation, there’s no excuse to not be taking meaningful steps towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Does your sexual harassment policy do what it needs to in a #MeToo world? How well are your team and business protected from sexual predators?

Recording of Karen's weekly segment on Power FM - The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.30am

Adopting a planned approach to predicting the likelihood of someone being successful in their role is very important, because if potential staff do not perform well it can have a detrimental impact on the energy and resources of your team.

A huge barrier to pay equality is the struggle we face as women when asking for a raise, it’s easier said than done! Sometimes it’s hard to get the recognition you deserve.

Reward programs reveal a lot about the culture of an organisation. Successful reward programs should encourage desirable behaviour and clearly signal behaviour that is undesirable.

This is a recording of Karen's weekly segment on Power FM, The Power Pack. Monday mornings at 7.30am

Karen Gately was asked some questions about Australian leadership and her optimism. Karen is self-described as a “passionate optimist with unwavering belief in the power of the human spirit”.

When staff do not perform in their job, it has a detrimental impact on both the business and the energy of the team. Leaders need to ensure they hire the correct people for roles to avoid this.

HR plays a vital role in ensuring team members are healthy, energised and engaged. Unfortunately, lots of staff take leave that isn’t genuine.

How effective is your organisation’s approach to rewarding and recognising staff? How are culture, engagement and performance impacted?

Job interviews are hard, some interview questions make jobseekers break into a sweat. In this article it is revealed that you can easily nail interview questions by putting your potential boss on the spot.